Inescapable / Premonition Series

Rating within series: N/A

Individual rating: 3/5

Series rating: N/A

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Today, I’m going to be reviewing Inescapable by Amy A. Bartol. As this is my first official review, I’ve decided that this is how I’m going to do it. I’m going to start, at the top, with a non spoiler review that is a quick synopsis. Under that, I’m going to include a spoiler review for those who have already read it and want to hear my uncensored thoughts. Then, when I finish the series, I will do a separate series review. Now that that’s set, let’s get started!

Non spoiler review:

This book was very typical to me. Right off the bat, I wasn’t really in love with it. I felt detached. The book follows Evie, a 17 year old girl who is going to college. We get an amazing opening scene full of fun dialogue with her Uncle Jim, who is helping her move into her dorm. We find out she’s attending a private college, has a single room to herself, and is there on academic scholarship. She eventually meets her two friends Freddie and Russell, and the mysterious boy she’s drawn to, Reed. Russell is supposedly connected to her soul somehow, as is Reed, and she has to decide which one she “wants” for lack of a better term. Her decision impacts all of them, and the ending is actually very surprising. The writing was decent, with some grammatical errors, but the most frustrating thing was the way the characters spoke. Russell was supposed to have a charming southern accent, but it was a pain to try to read out his words. Freddie and Evie had extremely strange ways to describe things such as “killa”, “pop”, “nekked” and other things. Freddie’s character was eccentric and somewhat strange, and seemed very unnecessary. Reed talked without barely using any contractions, and all of his lines seemed forced. We eventually meet Zephyr, whom everyone calls “Zee”, and he is an enigma as well. He seems to just be a character that is there and does not contribute much. This could go along with Buns and Brownie. I wasn’t sure what their use was, and their names were a bit ridiculous. I had trouble connecting with the characters and being drawn into the world, which is not a good thing for me. I’m not itching to pick up the next book, but at least I finished this one. It’s a good read, but it’s not great.

Spoiler review:

Ahh, my favorite kind of reviews. The kind where I can go in depth about the characters and not feel bad about spoiling anything! I’m going to dive right into the characters, then I will summarize a bit of the plot and what I thought about it. If you just want to read the summary, skip down!

Let’s start with our beloved Evie. Half human, half angel, she’s a force to be reckoned with. We find out near the end that she has rockin’ red wings because she’s a Seraph, which is one of God’s guardians. Throughout the beginning of the book, I had a hard time trying to connect with her. Whenever I read books like these, I try to imagine myself being the one this is happening to. She took it… too well. She just kind of accepted everything Reed had to say without much pushback, even when he wasn’t telling her anything, which was infuriating in its own right. Obviously this book is not real life, I have no idea what it feels like to have a soulmate, and I am not Evie, but if I was in a relationship with Reed and found out Russell was my soulmate, I would drop Russell quickly. Not even necessarily just because of that, but also because of the fact that Reed warned her her life was extremely dangerous. In order to protect him, she should have left, not stuck around for something to happen while her boyfriend protected her soulmate. It felt messed up to me. I also felt extremely bad for her near the end when she finds out her uncle is killed.

Now onto Reed. The main issue I had with him was that he felt like a robot. I don’t know if the chemistry was off or what, but the sparks were just not flying for me. He relentlessly ordered Evie around, but wouldn’t tell her anything, which is understandable, but give her a little slack for not listening to your “rules”! Another issue I have is that he has been around since the DAWN OF MAN and he has NEVER EATEN MAC AND CHEESE. Thousands of years, and not once do you eat mac and cheese? Or even know what it is? Yeah, I don’t buy it. Same with you, Zee. I don’t buy that you’ve never heard of or tasted mac and cheese or twinkies. Other than that, I did enjoy his character. I didn’t fall in love with him like Daemon, Jace or Asher but he was alright. But come on, Reed, make up your damn mind! Do you love her? Do you not love her? Who even knows! I sure as hell don’t. Also, he’s on the lacrosse team but has no friends? I wish his character was more sociable.

Russell! Your accent killed me. I didn’t like it. I’m sorry, buddy, but it just wasn’t meant to be. The whole thing would’ve been better if the accent was mentioned with subtle words thrown in there rather than every single word being spelled in some extremely southern way. It was terrible. Also, he just.. bothered me. I’m really not a fan of love triangles, and he just made it terrible. I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but can’t he just accept that he’s not the one for Evie, regardless of souls? The disappointment I felt at the end of the book when we find out he’s half angel was unreal. My heart sank to my feet and I didn’t want to read the rest of the books. I was almost relieved when he nearly died, but that wouldn’t have been a good story, would it? If she ends up with him in the end, the entire series is getting 1 star from me. Sorry, Russell. You’re a good guy and all, you care about Evie, and you tried to help, but you’re just not compatible.

Freddie. This one’s going to be tough. I did like Freddie throughout the book even though he went batshit crazy in the end. I felt suspicious of him about halfway through, though, when Reed asked who he was. Also, how did Reed not sense him? I’m not sure. Freddie was cool, he had some weird and quirky things to say and seemed to be up on the lingo, unlike our buddy Reed. I felt bad for him in the end, and I also felt really mad when I heard he killed Uncle Jim. Another thing was that he wanted to steal her soul, but he claimed to love her. Throughout the series, “love” was thrown around so many times, it felt like I was trying to watch a professional ping pong match. Oh well. At least we know who the bad guy’s gonna be in the next book or so.

Let’s discuss the Buns/Brownie duo. I actually really enjoyed them as supporting characters. Other than their names, I thought they were a lot of fun and a good addition. They were hyper and they looked out for her and they were generally really good people. I can’t figure out why they wouldn’t tell her what they were, though. That’s the only thing that bothered me. Also, why wouldn’t Reed tell her what they were? I’m not sure, it’s confusing, but I liked them.

Here’s my brief take on Zephyr. He seems like fun, and he also seems lethal. I wish we were able to see more of him because I feel like he could become a really good brother figure for Evie, especially with her uncle gone. I’m hoping that’s the direction it’s headed.

Okay, now to start my full story synopsis.

I enjoyed the book. It was pretty entertaining, but it was really bland. I’ve done the whole “I’m not human what am I” thing, and I generally enjoy it. This one was only mediocre, unfortunately. I really wish I liked it more. It had a lot of promise in the beginning, with Uncle Jim, Freddie, and the mysterious Reed. The book starts out with Evie moving into her dorm with her uncle, which is a pretty nice scene. I liked the dynamic between them. We also find out that she’s a scholarship student, her parents are dead, and she has no idea who her father is. That’s a red flag. She then goes to orientation, where she meets Freddie, which she decides is an appropriate nickname. Her interaction with him was very… strange. I’m not sure how to describe it, but it made me cringe a little bit because she treated him like he was below her almost. She also looks up to see Reed glaring daggers at her, which is typical for the book bad boy to do upon seeing eachother for the first time. I didn’t feel that spark that I usually do when the stubborn love interest is staring our protagonist down.

Following the awkward confrontation in the room where Reed tries to tell her to leave and she has no idea what the hell he’s talking about, they take a walk with the orientation group to the lake where she bumps into Russell. Russell is generally nice and I felt a little skeptical about him at first because he was so nice, but he turned out to be fine. I couldn’t stand his accent! I’m fine with them in real life, but when it’s in a book it was so difficult to read that I couldn’t barely stand it. Then, at the end of the night, Russell, Evie, and Reed kind of get into it. Long story short, Reed compels Russell and Evie tazes Reed and runs away. It was pretty funny to watch our brooding boy not be affected at all by the tazer. We find out later that Reed then compels Russell to forget about Evie, which she has to reverse. During the weeks that go by, Evie discovers more and more about Reed and his hot and cold temperament. He’s weirdly robotic, but she has a pull to him that she can’t deny.

We find out that Reed is basically super rich, has next to no friends, and is generally good at everything. We find out at the end of the book that from the beginning, Reed was the benefactor of her scholarship. I had an issue with that because he seems so adamant to get rid of her that I don’t know why he would give her the scholarship in the first place and why he wouldn’t take it away right after if he really didn’t want her there. What was she supposed to do? Take her chance in the world? Who knows what the heck Reed was trying to accomplish.

Along with that, Russell ends up being her soulmate. The part I really struggled with in this whole scenario is that we’re not sure if the tug between Reed and Evie means anything because there’s no other angels around. Once we find out that for some reason her soul is also pulled to Reed’s, I’m confused as hell. I’m sure it might explain it later in the series, but I don’t know if I can muscle through it to find out. Obviously, Reed is an angel and his wings are super-sexy according to Evie, who pulls out some crimson red baby wings at the end of the book when she’s revealed to be a Seraph. We knew she was something, and I’m pretty impressed by the fact that she can talk to ghosts and run quickly and do all that, so I was pleasantly surprised when she pulled out some badass wings.

The ending of the book nearly made me cry. Not happy cry, not sad cry, but frustrated cry. I couldn’t believe that Russell was half angel. That made me want to read the books even less. I don’t know if I can continue knowing that Russell and Reed are going to have to duke it out, and if I know anything I know how gosh dang annoying some authors are with love triangles. The moment she starts going after Russell is the moment I put the books away for good. It’s not the first series I’ve stopped mid-book for the same reason.

Another issue I had was that the word “love” and the phrase “I love you” was thrown around like nobody’s business. I’m not one to say the phrase easily, even if I feel it, so it was kind of hard to read it so often.

I felt like there were a lot of unnecessary decisions Evie made that could have turned the book in different directions, but I understood kind of why she made the decisions she did. Something I’ve learned, though, is that you should ALWAYS trust the guy! Tell them everything up front! It’ll save so many issues in the end because it always bites you in the ass, but that’s okay. The ending with Freddie made me sad. I liked him and I just felt bad for him, but I felt that he was bad news about halfway through the book. I didn’t understand the issue with Reed somehow knowing that the 7/11 was bad because, even though it was, I doubted I would have guessed that it was the real issue. I thought she was having these dreams and nightmares because something in general would happen, not necessarily so specific as that.

 I didn’t necessarily like the book, but I enjoyed it enough to finish it quickly, hence the 3 stars. I’m not sure if I’ll be reading these books soon, but I’ll definitely finish them eventually.

I apologize if anyone who read the review actually did like the books, and if you did I would love to hear your opinions on it! I’m always open to differences in opinion and love having discussions about books.

Onto the next!

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